Ireland’s first one-of-a-kind Web3 collaboration: Web3 Creativity Summit 2023

Hosted by Blockchain Ireland’s Start-ups and Web3 Working Group, Web3 Creativity Summit is a one-day knowledge-sharing and demonstration event during the Worlds Collide exhibition of analogue, digital, mechanical and robotic arts, curated by Conan Wynne.

Time: Sat, 12 Aug 2023 12:00 – 17:00 IST

Place: Phase Space Arts, 27 Rathgar Avenue, D06 T0X6 Dublin 6, Ireland

Free registration:

Exhibit: Worlds Collide: Automated, mechanical, generative and digital art – interplay and artist talks

Workshop: Minting NFTs on PLAUS with Sara Jane Kenny, Algorand Ambassador.


  • The rise and fall of #NFTs – Blockchain Ireland
  • A future for digital creativity – Louise Nolan, independent artist, maker and educator.
  • Art as an emerging digital asset class – BI.Startups.Web3 & Bitcoin Marketing Team
  • The digital commons, blockchains for the planet – ETHDublin
  • Web3 personal brand development – ABlockOfCrypto
  • Online community, culture and the collective – OffChain Global

And more!

BI.Startups.Web3 together with events partners Algorand Ireland, Bitcoin Marketing Team, Blockchain Ireland,, ABlockOfCrypto, ETHDublin, and OffChain Global invite the Irish Web3 community to join us at the #Web3CreativitySummit – discover and learn together with some of the most insightful, open, collaborative and knowledge-sharing communities and collectives.

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