About Blockchain Ireland

The industry innovation network to promote knowledge and awareness of blockchain, crypto and Web3 in Ireland.

What is Blockchain Ireland?

Blockchain Ireland is an industry network that works to promote and share information on blockchain, crypto and Web3 in Ireland. The organisation was founded in late 2015 and co-signed the Cooperation on European Blockchain Partnership in February 2019.

Blockchain Ireland connects with other emerging technology clusters to facilitate formation of new jobs, to promote notable examples of blockchain, crypto and Web3 entrepreneurship, and to establish Ireland as a knowledge-hub for crypto-asset custody and creation, and a centre for decentralised financial services. In order to achieve its objectives, Blockchain Ireland co-creates a wide range of networking and information-sharing events including the popular annual/national Blockchain Ireland Week, and collaborates in and commissions research to scope and advance emerging opportunities in the field.

Since its formation in 2015, Blockchain Ireland has grown to partner with over 100 organisations nationally and connects with a range of international industry networks including: INATBA, Slovenian Blockchain Innovation Ecosystem, British Blockchain Association, Australian Blockchain Association.


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Blockchain Ireland History

The Irish Blockchain Expert Group was founded in late 2015 to meet the growing need for a forum to discuss the ever-evolving topic of blockchain technology. The forum members of blockchain businesses and projects in Ireland, representatives from a number of academic institutions, as well as participants of the wider Irish blockchain community.

In 2019, The Irish Blockchain Expert Group rebranded to become Blockchain Ireland. In one sentence, Blockchain Ireland’s mission is to grow the blockchain, crypto and Web3 ecosystem in Ireland. It is a non-profit, member-led organisation that includes state agencies, corporates, academics and professionals working in the blockchain field. The group holds meetings on a monthly basis during which keynote speakers share insights and expertise on blockchain applications in their relative fields.


Goals of Blockchain Ireland

  • Promoting knowledge and adoption promotion of blockchain technology, crypto and Web3 in Ireland
  • Growing the blockchain, crypto and Web3 ecosystem throughout the country
  • Promoting Ireland as a leading global blockchain, crypto and Web3 hub
  • Assisting in the creation of blockchain, crypto and Web3 jobs in Ireland
  • Showcasing the blockchain, crypto and Web3 work being undertaken by Irish companies



Blockchain Ireland Governance Team

Blockchain Ireland Team Member

Lory Kehoe – Coinbase 

Chair, Blockchain Ireland

Lory is a director and global lead of NFT Success with Coinbase. He is an adjunct assistant professor in technology trends with Trinity College Dublin’s Business School. He is a PhD student researching blockchain and crypto entrepreneurial ecosystems. He is a former managing director with ConsenSys where he founded, scaled and led the Irish office, was global co-lead of partnerships, and was a member of the global leadership team. Lory was the founder, and ran Deloitte’s EMEA Blockchain Lab, based out of Dublin. He is a Qualified Financial Adviser, registered stockbroker, qualified product owner and scrum master.

Blockchain Ireland Team Member

Pearse Ryan – Plandail  

Steering Group Member & Chair of the Legal & Regulatory Working Group.

After a long career as a technology lawyer and partner in the Arthur Cox Technology and Innovation Group, Pearse has begun a second career as a member of the founder team of two Financial Services sector start-ups, both in the process of obtaining regulatory authorisations, and generally plies his trade as a consultant on legal/regulatory matters.

Blockchain Ireland Team Member

Fiona Delaney – Origin Chain Networks 

Steering Group Member & Chair of the Start-up, Web3 Ecosystem Working Group

Fiona is CEO and founder of tech start-up Origin Chain Network Ltd.

She is a software engineer and blockchain architect in the agri-food sector. Fiona is a Digital transformation and open innovation practitioner, advisor and consultant to business sector.


Blockchain Ireland Team Member

Jonathan Rafferty – BNY Mellon 

Steering Group Member & Chair of the Enterprise Working Group

Jonathan is VP within BNY Mellon’s global digital assets team and leads BNY Mellon’s digital assets team in Ireland. Previously, he was a management consultant with Deloitte in Financial Services across Investment Banking and Investment Management.

Blockchain Ireland Team Member

Gonzalo Faura – Swappsi Software 

Steering Group Member & Chair of the Technical Working Group

Gonzalo has more than 20 years experience in the software industry thanks to his background as a software developer and business analyst. He is the founder and CEO of Swappsi Software, as well as the founder of Chainzie Blockchain Services.

Blockchain Ireland Team Member

Dr Trevor Clohessy

Steering Group Member & Chair of the Education, Skills, and Innovation Working Group

Dr Trevor Clohessy is a lecturer of more than 20 year’s experience, with University of Galway, the Atlantic Technological University and private institutes such as Blockdaemon, City Colleges, and Chartered Accountants Ireland.

Dr Clohessy has also more than 15 years research experience working with SFI institutions, such as Lero and Biorbic, as well working with private large and SME institutions.

He is currently working in Information Technology at the engineering department of the Atlantic Technological University (ATU). He lectures in cloud computing, Microsoft Azure, blockchain, business analytics, Tableau, Power BI, decision theory, data visualisation, and application development topics.

Blockchain Ireland Team Member

Paul Hearns – PJH Consulting

Steering Group Member & Co-chair Blockchain Ireland Week Working Group and Communications Manager

Paul is a journalist, commentator and presenter of more than twenty years experience in ICT.

He currently provides content strategy and services with PJH Consulting.


Blockchain Ireland Team Member

Ross O’Leary – Beach Hut PR 

Ross is a highly experienced PR professional, and Senior Account Manager at Beachhut PR.

He is also the incoming Curator of WEF Global Shaper’s Dublin.

Working groups

Six working groups have been established to conduct ongoing research within their given fields. The groups report to the steering committee and to the wider organisation on a regular basis.

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