Working Group

#Startups & Web3

The BCIRL #Startups and Web3 working group first met in February 2021. It was initiated by Fiona Delaney, CEO at Origin Chain Networks and is jointly co-ordinated with Alejandro Guttierez, COO at Defactor.

The members are Web3 confident, decentral entrepreneurs, crypto nerds and know-it-alls, investors, founders, and assorted community builders and influencers.

Our objective is to extend the reach of the Irish #Startups and Web3 ecosystem; discovering, boosting and accelerating the emergence of Irish Web3 talent.

Together with entrepreneurs and founders at the cutting edge of the Irish DLT, DeFi and Web3 innovation ecosystem, we seek to foster talent, grow projects and create visibility emerging DLT research, marketplace ventures and partner networks.


  • Hosting events, discussions and knowledge-sharing
  • #StartupsLunchbox podcast channel
  • Connecting people, projects and neworks
  • Finding hot, fresh topics and spawning curiosity
  • Raising awareness about blockchain, DLT and DeFI
  • Fostering formal local and international partnerships.

Fiona Delaney

Steering Group Member & Chair of the Start-up, Web3 Ecosystem Working Group

Under Fiona’s leadership, the Working Group aims to grow the Irish blockchain start-up ecosystem by encouraging collaboration between emerging technology researchers and global entrepreneurs in order to promote awareness of blockchain, DLT, and digital assets.

Fiona’s experience as a practitioner, advisor, and consultant in digital transformation and open innovation enables her to scope and implement blockchain-enabled solutions “in the wild,” making her a valuable asset to any organisation looking to leverage blockchain technology.

Alejandro Guttierez

Member of the Start-up, Web3 Ecosystem Working Group

Alejandro Guttierez has also spent more than 15 years of research experience working with SFI institutions, such as Lero and Biorbic as well working with private large and SME institutions.

He is currently working as in Information Technology at the engineering department of the Atlantic Technological University (ATU). He lectures in cloud computing, Microsoft Azure, blockchain, business analytics, Tableau, Power BI, decision theory, data visualisation and application development topics.