Blockchain Ireland Week

May, 2023

A week of events bringing entrepreneurs, developers and corporate leaders together to build momentum and create opportunities in blockchain technology and crypto across the island of Ireland.

Blockchain Ireland Week 2023 was a huge success, with 10 key notes, 12 panels, two ministers and high level speakers from all aspects of the community.

A full report will be forthcoming, so watch this space.

Blockchain Ireland Week 2023

Digital convergence: blockchain as the nexus of technology, business, and finance

Digital technologies have transformed every aspect of business in recent years, with an ever accelerating pace.

That same effect has seen the world of finance similarly transformed, creating entirely new possibilities.

Central to both trends, blockchain has become an infrastructural layer for a new generation of applications and services.

Now, blockchain and distributed ledger technologies (DLT) have matured to be the nexus that brings together the digitalisation of business and finance as the foundation for the new digital economy, delivering stability, trust, and transparency.

This trend has strongly manifested in Ireland, where more than 50 blockchain, crypto and Web3 companies have been created in Ireland, with the majority being established over the last 3 years.

This vibrant ecosystem addresses a wide array of areas, such as technology infrastructure, regulation, supply chain, music, trading, media, payments, identity, education, PR, and the environment. Much like blockchain technology itself, this ecosystem is decentralised and distributed, with the main hubs in Cork, Galway, and Dublin, but with significant activity in more than 10 counties.

However, challenges remain.

As businesses struggle to understand how digital and crypto assets can be safely included in their interests, regulators and advisories work together with legislatures and industry to understand the needs of the ecosystem.

All the while, sustainability is a constant thread underlying efforts and concerns. In fact, many commentators and thought leaders consider blockchain as an enabling technology towards the science-based targets and common reporting frameworks that are now being adopted by responsible corporate citizens around the world.

Blockchain Ireland Week 2023 will tackle these themes through a programme of expert speakers, panels and community engagement to facilitate the exchange of diverse insights, experiences and innovations.

Join us to gauge the state of the art in blockchain, DLT, Web3 and crypto.

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Blockchain Ireland Week 2022

Finance Minister
Paschal Donohoe


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Frequently asked questions

Do all events have to be about blockchain, crypto and Web3?

Blockchain is a very broad topic but as long as the content of your event is focused on blockchain in some way it should be ok. For example, blockchain can be discussed under a vertical or as a potential solution to a business problem.

Why should I host an event for Blockchain Ireland Week?

Events are held to expand knowledge of the blockchain ecosystem in Ireland, to highlight working blockchain solutions and the maturity of the technology, as well as the promotion of blockchain as a viable career option.

How big does the event have to be?

There is no limitations on the size of event you can host. The types of events that take place during Blockchain Ireland Week are: panel discussions, roundtables and technology workshops. The capacity of a given event will depend on the space available to you in a particular venue.

How can I get help with promoting the event?

To promote your event on social media, tag @Blockchain_Irl on Twitter and use the hashtag #BlockchainIrelandWeek when posting content. We will re-share the most relevant content on our Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.

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