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Blockchain Ireland Week

May, 2021

A week of events bringing entrepreneurs, developers and corporate leaders together to build momentum and create opportunities in blockchain technology and crypto across the island of Ireland.

Blockchain: Foundation of Trust

A week of digital events from Blockchain Ireland will explore the unique opportunities of this exciting technology – 24-27 May 2021

Trust has become a more valuable commodity than ever before, as recent years have seen it eroded through unprecedented levels of misinformation, disinformation and manipulation.

Everything from identity and authenticity to origins and records have come under assault from various quarters, undermining public trust, governmental authority and business confidence.

As many wonder what can be done in the face of this wave of negativity, a technology from an unlikely source is already providing answers.

Blockchain, and distributed ledger technologies, provides a means of ensuring decentralisation, transparency, immutability, and security in areas such as identity, records, transactions and contracts.

Blockchain has emerged from its origins as a means to address many of the issues of transparency, traceability and trust in today’s digital world.

Blockchain Ireland, the non-profit organisation of state agencies, corporates, academics, and industry professionals, is working to share insights and expertise and to promote blockchain technology in Ireland.


Central to those efforts is Blockchain Ireland Week, from the 24-27 May 2021, providing a series of digital events to engage, inform and educate on the benefits and opportunities of the technologies.

The central theme of this year’s events is “Blockchain: Foundation of Trust”.

With strands addressing social impact and public services, sustainability, start-ups and innovation, enterprise, developers and more, expert speakers from the World Economic Forum, the European Commission, Irish government, industry, academia and the indigenous technology sector will provide a broad ranging basis for discussion and collaboration.

International speakers from Africa, Asia, Australia, and the United States will share their respective views and experiences, as well as speakers from Ireland who will describe the vibrant and energetic initiatives here, from craft brewing and bloodstock sales, to green energy and agri-food traceability.

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Blockchain Ireland Week 2021

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Frequently asked questions

Do all events have to be about blockchain?

Blockchain is a very broad topic but as long as the content of your event is focused on blockchain in some way it should be ok. For example, blockchain can be discussed under a vertical or as a potential solution to a business problem.

Why should I host an event for Blockchain Ireland Week?

Events are held to expand knowledge of the blockchain ecosystem in Ireland, to highlight working blockchain solutions and the maturity of the technology, as well as the promotion of blockchain as a viable career option.

How big does the event have to be?

There is no limitations on the size of event you can host. The types of events that take place during Blockchain Ireland Week are: panel discussions, roundtables and technology workshops. The capacity of a given event will depend on the space available to you in a particular venue.

How can I get help with promoting the event?

To promote your event on social media, tag @Blockchain_Irl on Twitter and use the hashtag #BlockchainIrelandWeek when posting content. We will re-share the most relevant content on our Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.


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