Announcements spoke to a young professional who pivoted away from a more traditional career path to move into Web3…

Matyushina does not do comfortable. Instead, she enjoys pushing herself in new experiences and challenges. This is reflected in her hobbies where she thrives on extreme activities such as paragliding and parachuting. Next on her bucket list is diving with manta rays.

“I don’t do these activities every week but I love a challenge and a new adventure,” she says.

The same love of adventure has turned her career on its head from a legal beginning to managing a team of engineers at a top Web3 NFT company.

“You know, when I was growing up, girls were not expected to do tech so I chose a more ‘suitable’ profession like law, but I was always interested in tech – and learning.” Today Matyushina is an ambassador for Women in Tech but it wasn’t a straight road.

“I want young women to know they can do anything. It’s very important that they can see choices – like they can wear yellow instead of pink.”

She earned her degree in business law before obtaining a crisis management certification. For eight years, she worked as a high-level bankruptcy lawyer and manager, always seeking to incorporate modern instruments into her and her fellow co-workers’ day-to-day work.

Her interest in technology led her to pursue a LegalTech director course and her career journey took an exciting turn when she pivoted towards the role of IT business analyst. There, she embarked on a mission to construct an ERP system from scratch, showcasing remarkable ability in the tech arena. However, she yearned to expand her expertise in more innovative spheres.

As part of this decision, Matyushina redid her CV and emphasised her passion for technology. She also scoured for jobs in new tech and saw that analytic roles came up all the time.

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July 2024