TON Foundation and Mantle Network form strategic alliance to advance EVM-compatible Layer 2 blockchain solutions

The Open Network Foundation (TON Foundation) has announced a strategic alliance with Mantle Network, a leading Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) Layer 2 solutions provider. This agreement positions Mantle Network as a principal ally to TON Foundation towards more interoperable EVM-compatible Layer 2 blockchain capabilities on TON, reports

A wrapped version of $MNT, $jMNT, is now accessible for trading and liquidity provisions on, a cross-chain decentralized exchange (DEX). This wrapped token allows for easier interactions and integrations between Mantle and TON. $jMNT also streamlines access for fluid and expansive trading capabilities between networks.

This comprehensive agreement goes beyond token integration as the two entities will utilize the @community_bot, a Telegram-native toolset for communities, to serve as an education and information distribution platform. This initiative will connect users in Mantle’s Telegram channels and Mantle Ecosystem project channels directly to TON’s thriving community on Telegram. By fostering mutual information exchange and enhanced community interactions, both communities will benefit while building a Web3 ecosystem in Telegram for the messaging platform’s 800+ million monthly active users.

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