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Web3 is an exciting set of new technologies that promises to change the way that people use the web.

Blockchain Ireland and ETH Dublin will present a picture of the Web3 landscape, describing some of the key differntiators of this new approach, as well as some of successful new business models that have been built upon it.

Join us on Tuesday 26 March from 08:00, in Ibec, Lower Baggot Street, Dublin, where attendees will hear from a selection of founders and entrepreneurs who are developing successful businesses  in the ecosystem, from digital fashion to environmental protection and music and entertainment. A discussion panel and audience Q&A will allow everyone to explore the potential for innovation and new business models.

Attendance is free, but registration is required.

Please register here on Eventbrite.


Caolán Walsh is a co-founder and publicicst at Gitcoin. He is also a driving force on the team at ETH Dublin.

Akash Kulkarni  works in digital assets for BNY Mellon, and is a speaker on blockchain and Web3.

Aileen Carville is a pioneer and veteran of the fashion industry. She is CEO and co-founder of COLONII, and a regular speaker on the blockchain, Web3, and fashion and creative stages.

Thomas McNally is founder of BÚAN_Fund.

Coming to blockchain from an open-source development background, Thomas had having formerly been in the banking sector.

BÚAN_fund is rolling properties with environmental potential to facilitate funding for good biodiversity stewardship.


Solomon Adesiyan is an artist, musician, producer, and entrepreneur based in Dublin.

He founded Trust It Entertainment in 2016 and is also CEO of Coum Technologies. He is a board member of AIM Ireland, and A&R Consultant at Atlantic Records.

Solomon is a technologist, developing blockchain, NFTs and Web3 solutions for   the recording industry.

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