London was alight with all things crypto and up-and-coming this October. Token 2049 was back in London after our close-to-home and virtual-only networking of the past 18 months. Blockchain Ireland, proud community partners are pleased to connect with the Token 2049 ecosystem across EU, UK and Asia. Here are reports from BCIRL members who travelled to attend. 

Alejandro Guiterrez, CO Lead, Defactor. Attendee

“Token 2049 was amazing. This is the first time Defactor was present at a physical event and it was fantastic to see the reception we got from protocols and investors. The interest in DeFi Real-World Assets (RWA) applications is growing dramatically. The DeFi ecosystem knows to increase market value and stability RWAs are a must. Proof of that was our partners from Centrifuge taking the stage to discuss how traditional finance connects into the DeFi space.”

Pete Townsend, MD, Launchpool Web3 Techstars Accelerator. Day2 panelist: ‘Decade Ahead for Crypto’

Pete describes a lightbulb moment, onstage during his panel discussion where the possibility of reaching a crypto tipping point (of more people using crypto vs. not using crypto) “may not be as dependent on institutional adoption as I once thought” given the pace of crypto uptake in emerging virtual and decentral ecosystems: online gaming communities, virtual art and media, eSports and more. 

Brian Elders, CEO, Sors Digtial Assets. Attendee + host of ‘HODL a Drink’

The Llama’s of Token 2049 were joined by the industry top brass and several Sors Digital clients and business partners. With several days of non-stop talking there was real business to be done. Our Token2049 ‘HODL a Drink’ event took place on Wednesday 6th Oct, hosted by Sors in partnership with Blockchain Ireland and our clients. It’s great to have in-real-life events back again, and we can’t wait to host one in Ireland.

Manisha Vaghela, Operations, Akasha + Blockchain Ireland’s ‘Ma’am in Havana/London’. Attendee and social diarist.

“Another great ‘HODL’ networking meetup hosted by Brian Elders (Sors Digital Assets) during London Crypto Week. It was great to see Kevin O’Meallain, David Gilmore (Akasha), Alejandro Guiterrez (DeFactor), the Token Traxx team, Sarah Leighton (Korum Legal) and David Henderson (Novuum Insights) and all the other wonderful individuals that attended. 

Ladies, we missed you at this one @Fiona and @Paula. And @Brian will there be another ‘HODL a Drink’ in London for Halloween?”


June 2024