Preparing for a Web3 world

The next iteration of internet technologies is emerging where there is communal control by users on decentralised infrastructure, providing, said one expert, “privacy for the individual, transparency for the system.” 

Collectively called Web3, these decentralised platforms and applications are being built on blockchains, employing elements of decentralised finance, leveraging tokens and digital currencies.

To prepare for this coming Web3 world, Ireland must ensure that policy, education and skills, and the public and private sectors, are ready to take full advantage, adapting successfully to the new landscape.

Technology Ireland ICT Skillnet is conducting research to establish what will be needed to develop a talent-led approach to Web3, with support from Blockchain Ireland.

This survey is aimed at developers and builders to gauge the current situation in relation to Web3, to understand what needs to be done for tomorrow.

Click here to complete the survey and thank you for your input. 

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