Nearly half of the world’s population has no broadband internet access. The sad reality is most of this population is located in Africa, reports Cointelegraph. According to the United Nations (UN), Sustainable Development goals, providing universal access to the internet continues to increase in importance, allowing many to access life-enhancing online services in healthcare, education and other skills necessary to reduce poverty, ensure economic growth and foster inclusion on the global market. With so many brilliant minds in Africa, many believe that the right technology can help support their education and communication with the rest of the world.

Part of the reason this divide exists is the amount of growth many African regions have seen, which has made it difficult, if not impossible, to lay the cables for quality internet or connect these populations to the world as a whole. In addition to the ability to execute this, the World Bank has also estimated that the process could be lengthy, requiring more than 10 years and $100 billion to ensure Africa gains access to broadband internet. The team behind 3Air believes they have a solution that can make this a reality in 50% less time and at a fraction of the cost, says the article.

3air, a blockchain platform with its own Cardano (ADA)-based token, aims to solve this digital divide in Africa by partnering with K3 Telecom, a Swiss broadband provider specialising in infrastructure, to address the issues with novel technology that can transmit optics grade broadband internet, Digital TV and IP telephony over the air. This technology is said to have the ability to connect millions of people and onboard a 3air blockchain platform catered specifically to the needs of developing countries and telecoms.

“There is nothing even remotely comparable to what 3air has to offer. We have a working solution that will connect the unconnected in Africa and bring millions of users to the 3air platform. This will allow a nation hungry for change to jump over a whole generation of technology,” says Sandi Bitenc, CEO, 3air.

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July 2024