Announcements is a Digital Europe Programme project with the mission of delivering targeted, democratic, and industry-driven support to European interests in standardisation within the Blockchain/DLT domain.

SEEBLOCKS brings together EU researchers and open standards specialists, along with industry and policy experts. Playing a leading role in the initiative is Blockchain Ireland’s Fiona Delaney, working group lead for Start-ups and Web3, CEO of Origin Chain Networks, and strategic lead at

On Tuesday 23 January, from 08:30, Fiona will give an introduction and progress report on the work of this 24-month programme, detailing how to get involved.

Introduced and moderated by Paul Hearns, Fiona will expand the conversation with Matthew Nelson, CEO of Arivu Labs, to discuss the impact and benefits of standards development and implementation for business, opening up to questions from the audience.

Arivu Labs employs blockchain and related technologies as it helps businesses to prove their compliance with deforestation regulations.

Join us via Zoom for this morning webinar which is free to attend, but requires registration.

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Fiona Delaney,
CEO, Origin Chain Networks, Strategic Lead,

Fiona is a software engineer and systems architect, with strong product experience. She leads the Start-ups and Web3 working group, as well as leadership roles in multiple blockchain consortia projects @ EIT, NGI-Horizon, Horizon Europe including TRUBLO, StandICT ONTOCHAIN and others.

She is recognised as ‘one to watch’ in European technical innovation circles, winning both the EU Standards and Innovation Award in 2020 (individual) and the National Innovation Award 2020 (company) for contributions to the field of agriculture and technology. She is author of numerous papers, standards and open-source resources in blockchain, DLT and sustainable practice.

Matthew Nelson,
Co-Founder & CEO, Arivu Labs Limited

Matthew is a creator of solutions. Building on his experience in solving complex practical and theoretical problems for businesses ranging from family-owned operations to global regulated financial services firms, Matthew has an ability to understand business context and then to navigate operating environments and stakeholder expectations to solve complex business problems. His passion for innovation and sustainable solutions spans three decades of experience in financial risk advisory, banking operations strategy, debt capital markets, institutional investment management and technology innovation.


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