A joint project is being undertaken by ESRI, Digital Futures at Work Research Centre (Digit) at the University of Sussex, and Blockchain Ireland on blockchain skills development as part of a joint project on the demand and supply of blockchain skills.

Below is a letter from the respective instututes, with a call to action for participation.

Dear colleague,

The ESRI, Digital Futures at Work Research Centre (Digit) at the University of Sussex, and  Blockchain Ireland invite you to participate in an expert consultation on blockchain skills development as part of a joint project on the demand and supply of blockchain skills.  

The ESRI produces independent, high-quality research with the objective of informing policies that support a healthy economy and promote social progress. The ESRI contributes to understanding economic and social change in the new international context and that informs public policymaking and civil society in Ireland and Europe. For more information, please see the ESRI website here.[1]

Digit – the Digital Futures at Work Research Centre – aims to advance our understanding of how digital technologies are reshaping work, impacting on employers, employees, job seekers and governments. It is funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC). For more information, please see the DIGIT website here.[2]

The aim of this research project is to examine the development of blockchain skill demand and supply in Ireland and the UK. We aim to build on established links and improve the connectivity between the ESRI, DIGIT, Blockchain Ireland and other stakeholders across a common research agenda to achieve the following two objectives: (i) to identify occupations and jobs within which blockchain skills are a dominant feature, and (ii) to examine the skill needs and mismatches through extensive research and consultation.

Overall in the region of 40 organisations (key informants) who have a direct stake and/or an interest in blockchain skills are being invited to participate in this consultation. We foresee consultation with five core groups:

The consultation process is being managed directly by the ESRI and DIGIT. The process will be independent and all data collected will remain solely with the ESRI and DIGIT research teams. No individuals participating in the interviews will be identified in the report, but a list of all participating organisations will be provided in an appendix.

Participation in this consultation is voluntary and you are free to withdraw from the process at any stage. Participation will require discussing a number of key themes set by the ESRI and DIGIT based on the research carried out to date:

  • Blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT) workforce characteristics;
  • Skills in demand for current and future employees;
  • Employment forms and nature;
  • Education and skill development support; and
  • Perceived changes within BC organisations.

Your contribution will help to improve skills intelligence in the Blockchain and DLT field and provide detailed information on skills gaps and shortages in the sector. This will deliver useful information for policy makers and firms in the blockchain industry. All of the information collected is completely confidential and will be used to build up a picture of blockchain skills supply and demand in Ireland and the UK. No individual firm, employer or employee will be identified in any way.

The consultation session will take approximately 1 hour and will be conducted via Zoom in the week beginning the 27th of June. We would be grateful if you would indicate your availability to contribute as soon as possible. Blockchain Ireland encourage your involvement in this study. Your participation will provide critical data for the future planning and talent development of the Blockchain sector.

The researchers and policy makers very much appreciate your help with this research considering your already busy schedule. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like any further information on the study. If you have any questions, or would like to nominate someone else from the organisation to participate, please contact Adele by email at: [email protected].

Yours sincerely,

[1] ESRI Website Link:

[2] DIGIT Website Link:


June 2024