Blockchain Ireland Week 2023 wrapped in fine style with a social event in Café en Seine, Dublin, the highlight of which was the Blockchain Ireland Awards.

Recognising outstanding achievements and contributions to the ecosystem, seven winners received the acclaim of all in attendance.

The categories broadly reflected the areas of the respective working groups, covering communications, developers, education, enterprise, legal and regulatory, start-ups and an outstanding achievement award. The awards were presented by Fiona Delaney, chair of the Start-ups and Web3 working group.

The new award recognising outstanding communication within the blockchain community went to Sarah Jane Kenny, Algorand Ambassador, Blockleaders Advisor, Offchain Ireland Founder, and software developer.

Sarah Jane Kenny receives the Communications Award.

The Developer award went to Frank Friel, vice president, Technology Management, Blockchain Incubator at Fidelity Investments.

Frank Friel receives the Developer Award.

The Education award went to Dr Clíodhna Sargent, senior researcher, V-LINC Research Group, MTU Cork.

Clíodhna Sargant receives the Education Award.

The Enterprise award went to Warren Byron, associate principal engineer with Nagarro, and Waterford Institute of technology.

Warren Byron receives the Enterprise award.

The award from the Legal and Regulatory group went to Deborah Hutton, newly appointed Irish chair of the G100 Group of Global Women Leaders.

Deborah Hutton receives the Legal and Regulatory Award.

The Start-up award went to ETH Dublin for its tremendous work in its meet-up and hackathon that preceded Blockchain Ireland Week.

Pictured left is Ryan Kemp, with Fiona Delaney and Caolan Walsh, receiving the Start-Ups and Web 3 award for ETH Dublin.

The final award for outstanding achievement recognised an individual who had been instrumental in Blockchain Ireland’s development during a difficult time. Outgoing chair of Blockchain Ireland, Dave Feenan was recognised for his tireless work and strong stewardship of the association, especially through the COVID period, to ensure a firm footing for the incoming chair, Lory Kehoe. To a huge affirmation from the assembled community, Dave graciously received the award, and said Blockchain Ireland was assured of a bright future with the new chair and a supportive steering group.

Dave Feenan receives the Outstanding Achievment Award.


July 2024