A report from the Blockchain Gaming Alliance Survey for 2022 has offered insights into the challenges and trends facing the future of blockchain games, reports It includes a survey of more than 300 members, including gaming studios, blockchain protocols, and individuals within the community.

Many believe that blockchain gaming is a key factor driving growth within the overall industry, says,  and plays a role in the future adoption of blockchain technology. However, the brief lifetime of the term play-to-earn has forced many blockchain games to shift their focus away from digital ownership to quality digital engagement strategies.

Despite the backlash from traditional game developers, the world of Web3 gaming has continued to attract new users. According to DappRadar, the number of wallets with gaming activity increased to 745,000 in Q3 of 2021. This is a massive jump of 2,453% since the start of the year. Although the industry is still expected to grow in 2023, there is still a lack of experience and equality in terms of gender representation across the sector.

The industry performed well overall, says the survey, considering the turbulent market conditions in the crypto space. On-chain game transactions reached 7.4 billion, up 37% from 2021.

The blockchain gaming industry is new and is attracting new, young talent. However, there is also a lack of experienced professionals in the industry. 81% of those surveyed have been in their current role for under three years. 42.5% have been in it for less than a year.

Only 2% of respondents are over the age of 55. Furthermore, 65% of those surveyed were below the age of 35. The lack of experience or length of time spent within the sector highlights some key areas for growth. With new hiring strategies and a focus on longer-term engagement employee retention should improve. Also, bringing older people with vast experience in the traditional gaming sector would add value and demonstrate a commitment to diversity.

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