Türkiye’s President Recep Tayyip Erdo?an has unveiled new details about the e-Human project powered by blockchain ahead of Türkiye’s national blockchain summit.

Cointelegraph Türkiye has reported the e-Human project will be based on blockchain tech to keep all services, data and capabilities used by the system under protection.

Türkiye’s e-Human project acts as a digital service point where the Turkish Presidency can share data related to its services and tools related to career, remote education and talent acquisition, reports Cointelegraph.

Students, new graduates and public employees can access job and internship opportunities in the public and private sectors, certified training for public employees, career fairs held in Türkiye, events and educational content from the e-Human portal. The project aims to increase employability and support the development of the citizens.

Previously, Türkiye’s national car company TOGG announced a strategic partnership with Avalanche blockchain’s developer Ava Labs to develop safe and fast mobility services with smart contracts.

Türkiye was known as a crypto-friendly country, Cointelegraph reports, until President Erdo?an launched an all-out war against the use of cryptocurrencies. The country put a ban on crypto payments in local goods and services in April 2021.

While the government took an anti-crypto stance, it continued to explore the ecosystem while building several blockchain projects of its own. The country even announced its National Blockchain Infrastructure plans. However, the pandemic might have caused a stall since no updates were made after the initial announcement.

The crypto adoption of the Turkish population draws a stark contrast with the government’s perspective. The country is home to several global events, such as Istanbul Blockchain Week and Blockchain Economy Istanbul. The local developer ecosystem is also working hard to bring the next DevCon, a major event for the Ethereum developer community, to ?stanbul.

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June 2024