Tim Berners-Lee’s vision for Web3 does not include blockchain

Speaking at The Next Web (TNW) Conference in Amsterdam, Tim Berners-Lee was asked “does he align himself with Web3’s promise of salvation” for Web2.0.

His answer was an unequivocal “Nope”, reports TNW.

Berners-Lee has his own vision for a decentralised architecture that gives users control of their data, on a platform he calls Solid, but that can be called Web 3.0, TNW reports.

“We did talk about it as Web 3.0 at one point, because Web 2.0 was a term used for the dysfunction of what happens with user-generated content on the large platforms,” he said.

“People have called that Web 2.0, so if you want to call this Web 3.0, then okay.”

Solid is built with standard web tools and open specifications, the story reports, where private information is stored in decentralized data stores called “pods,” which can be hosted wherever the user wants. They can then choose which apps can access their data. An approach which aims to provide interoperability, speed, scalability, and privacy.

“When you try to build that stuff on the blockchain, it just doesn’t work,” said Berners-Lee.

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