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Liberland blockchain awarded W3F Grant

Liberland and Web3 Foundation have jointly announced that the Liberland Blockchain Team received a grant from Web3 Foundation (W3F), reports

The topic of the grant was the setup of the minimally viable version of the Liberland Blockchain: the first public blockchain to run a state government.

Liberland will be the first country to run its government on a public blockchain, which the team has chosen to build on Substrate/Polkadot. Anyone can connect to the testnet or check out the code on GitHub.

President Vít Jedli?ka stated that: “Liberland was the first country to adopt Bitcoin (BTC) as its national currency, and now, we are building our own blockchain to serve our citizens and organise our democracy. We show the way and hope other states will soon follow.”

The Liberland Blockchain Team is building an on-chain e-governance system similar to the e-governance of Estonia or the Netherlands, but also to include the entire democracy, legislature, and State organ decision-making.

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