British Blockchain Association initiative brings together blockchain associations from around the world.

The British Blockchain Association, today, welcomed 55 senior representatives of the world’s leading international Blockchain associations to the inaugural meeting of what is set to become the most influential Blockchain and DLT advisory group globally – The Blockchain Associations Forum (BAF).

The launch of what has already been called a united nations of Blockchain is as a direct result of a longstanding desire of the leading representative bodies to globally harmonise, collaborate to influence national guidelines, and set sector development benchmarks based on best practice and globally agreed frameworks.

A neutral and decentralised platform for change, BAF’s vision is to achieve international co-operation and to address global challenges around Blockchain education, workforce planning, policy making and government regulation. Fostering a learning culture by sharing intellectual resources in accordance with emerging evidence and local and regional requirements has also been cited as one of the Forum’s top priorities.

Blockchain Ireland was represented at the inaugural meeting and is now registered as a founding member of the forum.


  • 48 countries join hands to launch The Blockchain Associations Forum (BAF)
  • BAF hosts their inaugural meeting on 24 April 2021
  • Inaugural members include some of the leading think-tanks in blockchain
  • 55 Industry Leaders pledged to jointly drive sustainable growth and development of blockchain industry
  • Founding members commit to advancing evidence-based applications of DLT to benefit the wider community

BAF Membership

BAF membership is open to blockchain associations at the forefront of DLT leadership in their respective countries. Where a country has no such association or Blockchain body, consideration will be given to allied organisations who have taken leadership roles in Blockchain space, such as fintech associations, or other government and academic bodies.

“BAF offers a collective voice on the advancement of DLT and a unique opportunity to network with peers and contemporaries at other member associations. The ‘quadruple helix’ of blockchain innovation ecosystems: Government, Industry, Public Services/ society and Academia – and those that represent them, require “nations’ collective wisdom’”if they are to advance in the right direction. The joint strategies that BAF plans to deliver will specifically support government policy makers and private sector initiatives alike,” said Deborah Cleary, Deputy Secretary, BBA.


March 2024


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