KPMG enters the metaverse with  $30m Web3 investment

KPMG has revealed the opening of its first metaverse collaboration hub to help its employees and clients pursue growth opportunities in the digital era, reports Cointelegraph.

The firm is entering the metaverse with a new collaboration hub that will connect employees, clients and others with Web3. The company is making a collective $30 million (€28.6 million) investment this year in Web3 experiences, with the metaverse hub as the “signature piece.”

According to reports, the hub will be focused on education, collaboration, training, events and workshops with Cliff Justice, KPMG US leader of enterprise innovation claiming that it is presently being utilized for such things but that KPMG intends to hire people to build it and expand it over time.

The long-term objective for the company is to examine other potential metaverse use cases such as health care, consumer, retail, media and financial services.

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