Central Bank of Ireland survey: Markets in Crypto-Assets Regulation

With the Markets in Crypto-Assets Regulation (MiCAR) in force since 29 June 2023, the Central Bank of Ireland is inviting firms to participate in a short survey to help it:

  • Understand the potential level of activity within the scope of MiCAR in Ireland; and 
  • Support initial preparation for the implementation of MiCAR.

The survey can be accessed here:


The survey is aimed only at firms that intend to perform activities which will be regulated under MiCAR. If you do not intend to provide any activities under MiCAR, there is no requirement to respond to this survey.

The closing date for this survey is Monday 14 August 2023.

If there are any queries regarding MiCAR, further details can be found on the Central Bank’s website and the websites of the European Banking Authority and European Securities Markets Authority.

Also of relevance is a recent statement from the European Banking Authority in which it encourages timely preparatory steps towards the application of MiCAR for the issuers of asset-referenced and electronic money tokens.

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