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AWS partners with Avalanche Blockchain to accelerate enterprise adoption

In an official blog post published on 11 January, Ava Labs confirmed that they have partnered with Amazon Web Services to drive Enterprise adoption of blockchain technology, reports

The Global ecommerce giant and leading cloud storage provider also confirmed the news on their official platform with a thought leadership article from Emin Gün Sirer is co-founder and CEO at Ava Labs.

“It’s time to democratise finance entirely. You, me, and everybody else can be on an equal footing with the bankers. Scales differ, but the opportunities open to us must be identical,” says Gün.

Avalanche is the first blockchain to form a partnership with Amazon’s cloud-computing.  There are over 500 applications built on top of Avalanche blockchain technology.

Using Amazon Web Services, Avalanche can launch customised blockchains, offering a range of solutions with scale, security and reliable infrastructure. These will take the form of subnets that act like networks within a network. The partnership will make it easier for developers to launch and manage nodes on the Avalanche blockchain.

“Our processes for spinning up Subnets relies on dynamically-provisioned AWS instances so that people can easily, quickly launch their own chain in a couple of clicks.”

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