Africa Blockchain Report – 2nd edition

The Africa Blockchain Institute has released its second Africa Blockchain Report, with the theme of “accelerating Blockchain Innovation across the Continent.”

It says the research has been conducted to study the trends of Blockchain activities in Africa and has resulted in the production of the “practitioner report to enlighten the African public on Blockchain use cases, success stories, and future patterns of expectations on the technology”.

The institute says that “Blockchain technology has been riddled in different quarters in Africa as a tool for Ponzi schemes and cryptocurrency scams”. It reports that the level of ignorance on the technology is still relatively high in many parts of Africa and states “it is high time we experienced a change in narrative”.

The Africa Blockchain Institute said that it, in partnership with the Algorand Foundation, conducted continental-wide research with the aim to showcase the Blockchain activities across Africa by technology start-up founders, Blockchain innovators, and the technology ecosystem stakeholders.

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