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Working Groups

Developer Working Group

Chaired by Frank Friel this working group is the meeting place for all technologists whether an expert or a beginner who are on a Blockchain journey. In a very collaborative way, they share best practices and methodologies for this technology.


Legal and Regulatory

Under the stewardship of Pearse Ryan this working group meets regularly to discuss, inform, and provide feedback on key areas in the legal and regulatory landscape. They keep a close watch on global trends and provide insights and best practices to the wider cluster.


Enterprise Working Group

Ian Keane chairs this working group where larger organisations who already are deploying Blockchain solutions or are interested in undertaking that journey gather. The group also provide pathways for the startup and developer working groups to engage with larger organisations.


Education, Skills, and Innovation Working Group

Prof. Joyce O’Connor is the chairperson of this working group, with a focus on education, training, blockchain skills needs and competency gaps that must be addressed. The group is also focused on creating awareness and literacy level programs and the leadership skills required to understand the impact that Blockchain technologies can have for an organisation. A proposal to develop a Blockchain Centre of Excellence with Industry, Research Centres, Educational Institutions and Citizens is being developed.  The working group consists of individuals from large industry, SMEs and academia.


Startup Working Group

Led by Fiona Delaney, this working group seeks to grow the Irish start up ecosystem for blockchain. This includes fostering collaboration between emerging technology researchers and global entrepreneurs to air fresh topics, spawn curiosity and raise awareness about blockchain, DLT and digital assets. Link to #Startups event channel here.


Blockchain Ireland Week Working Group

Co-chaired by Dáire Lawlor and Paul Hearns, this working group is responsible for the annual Blockchain Ireland event week, the monthly seminars, and other communication and outreach engagements.

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