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Events and Comms Working Group

Co-chaired by Paul Hearns and Ross O’Leary this working group is responsible for the annual Blockchain Ireland event week, the monthly seminars, and other communication and outreach engagements.

Technical Working Group

Chaired by Gonzalo Faura, this working group is the meeting place for all technologists whether an expert or a beginner who are on a Blockchain journey. In a very collaborative way, they share best practices and methodologies for this technology.

Education, Skills, and Innovation Working Group

This group is lead by Dr Trevor Clohessy, a lecturer of more than 20 year’s experience, with University of Galway and the Atlantic Technological University and private institutes such as Blockdaemon, City Colleges and Chartered Accountants Ireland.

Dr Clohessy has also spent more than 15 years of research experience working with SFI institutions, such as Lero and Biorbic as well working with private large and SME institutions.

He is currently working as in Information Technology at the engineering department of the Atlantic Technological University (ATU). He lectures in cloud computing, Microsoft Azure, blockchain, business analytics, Tableau, Power BI, decision theory, data visualisation and application development topics.

Enterprise Working Group

Jonathan Rafferty, VP within BNY Mellon’s global digital assets team, chairs this working group where larger organisations identify common pain points and also areas where they can add value by working together. The group also provide pathways for the startup and developer working groups to engage with larger organisations.

Legal and Regulatory

Under the stewardship of Pearse Ryan this working group meets regularly to discuss, inform, and provide feedback on key areas in the legal and regulatory landscape. They keep a close watch on global trends and provide insights and best practices to the wider cluster.

Startup & Web3 Ecosystem Working Group

Led by Fiona Delaney, this working group seeks to grow the Irish start up ecosystem for blockchain. This includes fostering collaboration between emerging technology researchers and global entrepreneurs to air fresh topics, spawn curiosity and raise awareness about blockchain, DLT and digital assets. Link to #StartupsLunchbox podcast archive here. Link to #Startups LinkedIn page and job postings here. Join BCIRL #Startups contact list here. Unsubscribe here

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