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Why blockchain-based gaming economies are the future

Writing for CoinTelegraph, Michael Nadeau makes a set of arguments for why blockchain-based gaming economies are the future.

Nadeau says that Axie Infinity showed the gaming industry just a sliver of what blockchain-based gaming can achieve, and the industry is set to explode in the near future.

Citing market figures, he reports the global gaming market is currently worth $180 billion — the fastest-growing form of entertainment globally. Experts predict that the number of streamers of online games will rise to one billion by 2025 — one in nine people today.

Three of the top four most-viewed United States sporting events in 2018 were not even traditional sporting events. They were esporting events, the likes of the League of Legends championship with 30 million more views than the AFC Championship and 45 million more than the NCAA Football Championship.

Nadeau argues that the idea of a ‘third space’, somewhere to be and do outside of home and office, will be formed by blockchain based gaming space.

He says the same concept is playing out today among the younger generations, except the new shared space is digital, and it’s called the Metaverse, which is the next iteration of digital communities: AOL chat rooms, then Myspace, Facebook and, finally, the Metaverse.

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