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UK publishes National Blockchain Roadmap

The British government, in association with the Centre for Evidence-Based Blockchain, the British Blockchain Association and various other stakeholders, has published its National Blockchain Roadmap Vision 2030.

“This framework sets out a blueprint to devise the UK’s National Blockchain Roadmap. It is a concise summary of the key recommendations that aim to inspire and reform Britain’s DLT landscape. It builds on the excellent foundational principles set by blockchain academics, industry leaders, policy makers and communities over the past decade,” said Martin Docherty-Hughes MP, chair, UK All-Party Parliamentary Group on Blockchain.

The roadmap document is intended to provide a foundation of targeted action steps, policies and benchmarks to advance best practices in Britain’s DLT landscape.

In the foreword, Dr Naseem Naqvi FBBA, chair, Centre for Evidence-Based Blockchain, and president, the British Blockchain Association, said that “though primarily applicable to the UK DLT landscape, the framework may be equally relevant for other nations with similar economies that are experimenting with blockchain deployment.”

“The benchmarks built upon these frameworks are intended to create a world-class, dynamic, and responsive DLT ecosystem,” said Dr Naqvi.

The recommendations in the report are described as “constructed on academic and industry research outputs built on peer-reviewed scientific data.”

Many digitally developed nations have either published or are working on similar documents. February of 2020 saw a similar roadmap published by Australia, which also has an active national blockchain association.

The full UK roadmap report is available here on the British Blockchain Association web site.

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