Registry of Knowledgeable Academics

ATU Galway

ATU Donegal


Dr Irina Tal
Area of Interest: Blockchain Education/ Application of Blockchain in Smart Cities/ Smart Contract vulnerability analysis
Prof Gabriel-Miro Muntean
Area of Interest: Applications of Blockchain in Networking and Communication
Prof Jens Ducrée
Area of Interest: Blockchain standardization, Blockchain for Scientific Research Projects
Prof Martin Crane
Area of Interest: Ethereum Gas Price Prediction
Dr David Sinclair
Area of Interest: Efficiency and Proof of Ownership/Stake/Work
Ray Walshe
Area of Interest: Blockchain standardization, Blockchain for Scientific Research Projects
Mohammad Fardad
Area of Interest: Blockchain technology/ Blockchain for communications

MTU Cork

Dr Susan Rea
Area of Interest: Smart contract verification, data provenance and distributed trust for IoT networks
Dr Mubashir Rehmani
Area of Interest: Blockchain for communication networks, Blockchain and smart grid, Consensus algorithms, Privacy preservation for blockchain, Cryptocurrencies and blockchain, Metaverse, NFTs, DeFi , Blockchain and Cyber Physical Systems, Energy trading using blockchain
Dr Cliodhna Sargent
Area of Interest: Blockchain Education, the development of Blockchain clusters

National College of Ireland

Prof Joyce O'Connor
Area of Interest: Applications of Blockchain / DLT Web3.0 technologies, Use cases, Blockchain /DLT other emerging technologies Skills development, research applications, Educational access for primary and secondary and third levels students
Sean Heeney
Area of Interest: Crypto Assets - BTC, AltCoins, NFT, Tokenisation, DApp Development - NodeJS / Python , Truffle, Suite, Web3 Libraries, Smart Contract Development - Solidity, Hyper-Ledger Fabric, AWS Cloud, Defi - FinTec
Eoin Connolly
Area of Interest: Custody implementations, Defi, EVM transaction management

NUI Galway

Dr Pierangelo Rosati
Area of Interest: Understanding the antecedents of organisational adoption of blockchain, Measuring the ROI on blockchain investment, Initial token offerings

Lero | Science Foundation Ireland Research Centre for Software, NUIG

SETU Carlow

Dr Martin Harrigan
Area of Interest: Network analysis, complex networks, digital currencies, blockchains and visualisation

SETU Waterford

Dr Aidan Duane
Area of Interest: Programming, Data Analytics, Distributed Ledger Technologies/Blockchain, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence.


Lory Kehoe
Area of Interest: Blockchain, crypto and Web3 entrepreneurial ecosystems
Prof Brian Lucey
Area of Interest: Cryptocurrencies and sustainable fintech issues 
Dr Donal O'Mahoney
Area of Interest: Core Blockchain technologies, Layer 2,Blockchain Identity, De-Fi, Confidential Blockchains
Dr Louise Gorman
Area of Interest: Regulation and Governance of Blockchain Technology, MiCA-Compliance, blockchain applications for sustainability reporting across value chains.
Dr Hitesh Tewari
Area of Interest: Identity Mgt, eVoting, Privacy, Consensus Mechanisms, Mobile Network Security, IoT Security, V2X Security, Post-Quantum Algorithms, Privacy Preserving Smart Contracts, Cryptocurrencies


Dr Paul Dylan-Ennis

Area of Interest: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs).
Dr Donncha Kavanagh
Area of Interest: how blockchain can be used to facilitate decentralised modes of organising
Dr John McCallig
Area of Interest: Accounting Blockchains for Financial Reporting and Taxation, Enterprise Blockchains
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