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Is blockchain the solution to rising data privacy concerns?

A decentralised future, with Web 3.0 and blockchain at its core, will provide the best practices in users’ privacy and data protection, argues one blockchain expert.

Writing for CoinTelegraph, Anne Fauvre-Willis, COO, Oasis Labs, argues that as data privacy pressure on Big Tech increases, these companies are starting to make significant investments in security solutions, an increasing number of which are blockchain-based.

Favure-Willis describes the OpenMined open-source community, whose mission is to make the world more privacy-preserving by lowering the barrier to entry to private AI technologies. It seeks to create an accessible ecosystem of privacy tools and education, by extending popular libraries, such as PyTorch, with advanced techniques in cryptography and differential privacy. OpenMined claims that through its services, people and organisations can host private data sets, allowing data scientists to train or query data they “cannot see.” The data owners retain complete control — data is never copied, moved or shared.

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