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Eisenhower Fellowship open to Irish applicants

The Eisenhower Fellowship (EF) is a programme to identify, empower and connect innovative leaders through a transformative fellowship experience and lifelong engagement with a diverse, dynamic, global network of change agents committed to creating a world more peaceful, prosperous and just.

The EF was founded by a group of Philadelphia businessmen in 1953 to celebrate President Dwight D Eisenhower’s first birthday in the White House and has a distinguished history as an independent, nonpartisan, international leadership organisation.

For 2022, the programme is looking to identify up to four candidates from Ireland and Northern Ireland from whom two successful applicants will be selected by Eisenhower Fellowships in Philadelphia to participate in the Global Leaders Programme in October/November this year.

The programme is looking to identify people in the 32-45 age range, with significant senior leadership potential to represent Ireland, as well as benefitting both professionally and personally from a fellowship. The focus is to identify people ‘on the way up’ who would find a fellowship beneficial currently, rather than those already at the top of their career. 

The online applications will be shortlisted, and interviews undertaken via Zoom by a nominating committee comprised of previous Irish Fellows to identify the four nominees before a final selection by EF Philadelphia.

The forthcoming 2022 Fall Global Programme will be a mix of online and in-person travel in the US. Although the Fellows meet up for an orientation and meet up intermittently, their individual travel programmes are designed and tailored to their own professional interests and development.

The fellows are funded to travel throughout the USA to study projects and companies and to meet with senior leaders to gain inspiration and insight in their own professional activities before a final group meeting at the end of the programme.  They are tasked with developing an project with impact, and will be expected to mentor other future leaders on their return to Ireland.

“The Eisenhower Fellowship is aimed at young leaders; it is a significant life changing opportunity, worth checking out,” said current Irish EF fellow, Professor Joyce O’Connor.

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For anyone looking to apply from Ireland, or to nominate a candidate, please contact Professor O’Connor via LinkedIn.

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