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Education opportunities for the digital world

The world of finance is moving at a swift pace, driven by various digital developments, such as blockchain, digital currencies and decentralised finance (DeFi).

For those already in the world of financial technologies (Fintech) or for those who want to understand these growing trends, ICT Skillnet has a range of courses delivered with education partners and starting over the coming months to provide opportunities to  educate and upskill.

The masters in Fintech Innovation with MTU starts on 14 September, and is aimed at those who wish to understand how FinTech is “pushing… the boundaries of innovative thinking and opportunity recognition.”

This MSc will prepare graduates with critical insights in FinTech across the key pillars of finance technology and innovation, meeting the needs and contributing significantly to future proofing the Irish Financial Services sector.

Digital technologies and developments are continuing to influence changes in business and operational models, in which the customer experience has become central, embracing of key innovation tools such as design thinking, sprints, DevOps and UX. This has created, say the course authors, a growing demand for talent with the ability to transcend knowledge domains in FinTech. This flexibly is required to support inter- and multi-disciplinary innovation teams to work with agility to develop products and services for B2B, B2C or new hybrid products and services reaching the market.

Another opportunity, the Masters in Innovation In FinTech with LYIT starts 20 September, and aims to provide skills and insights to meet the needs of what is characterised as the Fourth Industrial Revolution, where the workforce is a key element for performance and innovation creation, driving the need to develop key talent for innovation and to keep pace with cutting edge competitiveness.

The latest intake for the ground-breaking Masters in Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies with DCU starts on 20 September.

IDA Ireland’s Blockchain strategy aims to promote Ireland as a European location for Blockchain developments and in 2018, the Minister for Finance published a discussion paper examining the potential of virtual currencies and Blockchain technology. Working with Blockchain Ireland, the Technology Ireland ICT Skillnet has identified the skills gap for software developers with the requisite Blockchain knowledge and development skills and is co-funding this new MSc as a direct response to this need.

The MSc is open to IT professionals in employment in Republic of Ireland registered companies. To qualify for direct entry they must have a Level 8 Honours Degree (2.2) or higher in Computer Science, Computing, Computer Applications or a related discipline. Applicants without these entry requirements (e.g., Level 7 degree or lower than an Honours 2.2 in a Level 8 degree) may be considered if they can demonstrate previously obtained competence equivalent to the entry requirements.

For more information on fees and eligibility,

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