Our mission

What is Blockchain Ireland?

Blockchain Ireland is an industry network that works to promote and share information on blockchain, crypto and Web3 in Ireland. The organisation was founded in late 2015 and co-signed the Cooperation on European Blockchain Partnership in February 2019.



A brief history of Blockchain Ireland

Founded in late 2015 Blockchain Ireland has been growing year on year and has big plans for the future.

November 2015
The Irish Blockchain Expert Group was founded in late 2015 to meet the growing need for a forum to discuss the ever-evolving topic of blockchain technology. The forum members of blockchain businesses and projects in Ireland, representatives from a number of academic institutions, as well as participants of the wider Irish blockchain community.
June 2019
The Irish Blockchain Expert Group rebranded to become Blockchain Ireland. In one sentence, Blockchain Ireland’s mission is to grow the blockchain, crypto and Web3 ecosystem in Ireland. It is a non-profit, member-led organisation that includes state agencies, corporates, academics and professionals working in the blockchain field. The group holds meetings on a monthly basis during which keynote speakers share insights and expertise on blockchain applications in their relative fields.
Our team

Meet our steering group

Blockchain Ireland was founded with the support of industry, academia and state agencies to establish Ireland as a global Blockchain, Crypto and Web3 hub.

Lory Kehoe

Chair, Blockchain Ireland

Pearse Ryan

Steering Group Member & Chair of the Legal & Regulatory Working Group.

Fiona Delaney

Steering Group Member & Chair of the Start-up, Web3 Ecosystem Working Group

Working groups

Six working groups have been established to conduct ongoing research within their given fields. The groups report to the steering committee and to the wider organization on a regular basis.

Events & Comms Working Group

Technical Working Group

Education, Skills, and Innovation Working Group

Enterprise Working Group

Legal and Regulatory Working Group

Startup & Web3 Ecosystem Working Group