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Art: the real impact of blockchain, NFTs and Web3

Date(s) - January 24, 2023
10:30 am - 11:45 am


The utility of blockchain and distributed ledger technologies has been applied in a wide variety of verticals, from logistics and supply chain to identity and credential management, healthcare records, and insurance.

However, one area that has garnered a lot of attention is the art world. While the ‘Crypto Winter’ has had an impact on certain digital art investments, non-fungible tokens (NFT) are far from dead, and are continuing to change the nature of the relationship between the artist and their work.

No less an institution than Morgan Stanley said in 2022, “NFTs are disrupting the traditional art market, creating new communities of collectors and giving artists more access to their fans and buyers.”

In an online sessions, we speak to two artists about their personal experiences, as well as their work in the broader industry to understand what is really happening and how the industry is taking advantage.

Joyce Moloney is a visual storyteller and poet, and Solomon Adesiyan is a recording artists and producer.

We will also hear from the working groups on plans and ambitions for 2023.


Speaker Bios:

Joyce Moloney is an artist, visual storyteller, poet, and NFT evangelist.

Hailing from Cork, with a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts, as well as qualifications in art therapy and adult education, she styles herself ‘Mother of Story Emotionalism’.

Joyce has also developed a keen interest and expertise in blockchain and NFTs, and their value in the art world. She is a frequent speaker on these topics, and featured in panels in Blockchain Ireland Week 2022.


Solomon Adesiyan is an artist, musician, producer, and entrepreneur based in Dublin.

He founded Trust It Entertainment in 2016 and is also CEO of Coum Technologies. He is a board member of AIM Ireland, and A&R Consultant at Atlantic Records.

Solomon is a technologist, developing blockchain, NFTs and Web3 solutions for   the recording industry.



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